Tuesday, September 21, 2010

drawing board

There is nothing quite like pencil on paper. This is my last week of tafe for the term, meaning lots of drawing, tea drinking and reading over the next two weeks. And did I mention i'm going to Melbourne!? I'm pretty excited for a weekend away and really looking forward to the Tim Burton exhibition. 


  1. This is beautiful! Ahh Melbourne - I'm very jealous! Love your blog x

  2. Cool. you're coming to my town :)
    i think you should check out the bul store in curtin house (on Swanston St).
    and if the gorman sale on brunswick st is still on you should check it out.
    and the fat sale on smith st too.
    gorman sale will go for a while i think (its at 210 brunswick st)
    and the fat sale ends oct 11th (154-158 smith st)
    both those streets are also good for shopping, for vintage = smith st