Friday, December 17, 2010

gifts given/received

I can't believe that it's Christmas again next week! I'm sure most of you have finished your present shopping, but if like us you like to leave a few things to the last minute, here are a few ideas for you...

Vintage owl salt and pepper shakers
These were a gift from Rohan for finishing off my first year of Tafe. They are from the Antique Centre in Surry Hills. 

Little cups and saucers
These lovelies were a gift from our friend Mel. 

Yoshitomo Nara, Oh! My god! I miss you! postcard set
I have bought these for a few of my friends, he is one of my favourite artists and these postcards are just so cute. 

Penguin Great Loves and Great Journeys series
These are always fun to give as gifts, each series offers a great collection of short stories from prominent authors and the cover artwork is lovely too. My favourite Great Love is Bonjour Tristesse by Francoise Sagan and Rohan likes the Great Journeys book The Customs of the Kingdoms of India by Marco Polo. 

Knitted doughnuts 
I got these for Christmas one year, I think they were from Peter Alexander, but you could knit your own!

Laduree perfume
My mum got this for me in Paris, it leaves me smelling like a yummy Laduree macaroon and has its own atomiser attachment. 

Spike the hedgehog
This little guy is a gift from Rohan. I love hedgehogs, and even though he is so soft and fluffy I named him Spike.

Framed butterfly
This was a surprise gift from Rohan last year, it's from the French store Deyrolle. 

Pretty chocolates
These were another gift from mum's travels, I haven't been able to open them though because they are just too cute!

Ice cream canvas
Rohan is an extraordinary gift-giver, I don't even think there was an occasion for this one, I just came home to find this hand painted canvas on my coffee table. Sweet!

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