Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the row part 2

Another one of my favourites from NY FW11 fashion week was The Row. I was in love with their pre-fall collection (so sleek) and this has me even more excited for winter! Particularly because of the leopard print loafers (pictured below are the ones I bought recently from Sportgirl) and the addition of mustard, blue and blush pink. 

I love the idea of the fur hat too, I'm lucky enough to own two Vanessa Bruno runway samples from a few seasons ago, those big and fluffy Russian winter hats in grey and white. I don't know if I'll ever be brave enough to wear them though.




  1. ahh i need me some leopard print loafers! i'm not daring enough to try it in a big way like a dress or skirt, but shoes is a nice little leopard feature :)


  2. I think we should throw a Dinner party soon- Just so we can dress up and wear those hats!!

  3. Amie - you should invest! zara are doing come cute leopard shoes too!

    Hans - Yes please. So far they have only been worn around the house in winter, they deserve so much more!

  4. While I like the design of these I object to the fur Have you ever though about the cruelty that support fashion statements like fur loafers or hats?