Tuesday, October 11, 2011

dress up

This the is first piece I ever bought from Melbourne-based label, Dress Up. I fell for the soft drape and sheerness of the silk, the shoulder cut-outs and the cropped length. This was the first time I was introduced to Stephanie Downey's label and I remember coming across this interview. Not only was the rest of the collection just as lovely but the inspiration was Italian director Dario Argento's 70s and 80s horror films. Suspiria definitely makes it onto my list of cult movie favourites! 
Not getting the vermillion (inspired by fake blood) colourway of my blouse and the matching pants is one of my biggest regrets, I would still love to wear them now. 

Fast-forward two years and Stephanie's new collection Grandiflorum has me swooning all over again. The latest post on her new blog looks at the botanical books which were the inspiration behind the collection. I have always had an interest in botanical illustration myself, the bright, saturated colours and the incredible detail that goes into pencil sketches. 
I have been drawing more flowers and shapes again, for another new project. Having fresh flowers in the house to draw off is always a treat, at the moment is lilies and orchids. Pure bliss.

1, 3 & 9. Dress up SS09/10 lookbook, 2. Lilies in my bedroom, 4 & 7. Screen caps from Argento's film Suspiria, 5. Botanical books from the Dress Up blog, 6. My Dress Up blouse, 8. Illustrations on my study wall. 

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