Tuesday, April 17, 2012

crystal canyons

I got an iPhone! Can you tell I'm addicted to Instagram?

1. One of my favourite places to have breakfast; Bird and Bear Boathouse at the Elizabeth Bay Marina. The muesli with your choice of berries or rhubarb is a great start to the day.

2. Reading the latest issue of Self Service and Mirage magazine and my new A.P.C. sweater.

3. Tuesday Uni break has turned into weekly lunch with Sarah. Today was Bread and Circus, a lovely wholefood cafe in Alexandria where we had the best chocolate chip cookie.

4. Some books I brought back from Paris and a new bunch of roses, I love the colour. 

5. It's officially sweater weather! Also busy finishing up my latest series of painting for Uni.

On another note, I recently did an interview over at Feather Factor. Thanks for having me Kat! If you get a chance and are a Game of Thrones fan like me, check out her interview with George R. R. Martin.

All photos by me


  1. Love it all! Enjoyed the interview on Feather Factor :) You do have amazing style and own some beautiful things! xx

  2. Love that you are a GRRM fan as well! Thank you again for a fabulous interview, you are beautiful Talisa!

  3. love these! I now follow you on Instagram as unepipe :)


  4. Where did you get Self Service mag?

  5. Thanks Michelle, Katherine and LCM :)

    Ree, I got Self Service from mychameleon.com.au


  6. I should get an iPhone too. My cell phone nickname is the "washing machine" this is the name in France for old phones ahahah :)
    By the way, nice pictures !