Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Interior mood no.7

Rohan and I are both excited for change; it looks like we'll be moving soon and all I can think about is new beginnings. A nice shearling throw, new white sheets and little jars for flowers and paintbrushes are a few of the things on my list. 
I have been looking to favourties like Design SpongeSimon James Concept store and Milk & Mead for some inspiration. What are your favourite sources of interior inspiration? Please do share!

1. Looking back to W Magazine August 2010 - Ashley Smith & Lindsey Wixson Alasdair Mclellan, 2. Crisp white linen from Simon James Design, 3. Chair collage by me; one, two, three, 4. This is pretty much what I have been doing in my winter break;  Milk & Mead, 5. Love this apartment.


  1. Where are you going? Can't wait :-)

  2. Martina, nothing too exciting I'm afraid - we're just moving apartments. We have plans to move overseas very soon though, I just need to finish my degree!