Monday, December 10, 2012

the art of cinema - christiane f.

The art of cinema no.7

Christiane F.

Based on a true story, Christiane F. follows a teenage girl in 1970s Berlin and her introduction to the drug scene. I found it quite hard to watch at times, but it is a powerful story brilliantly acted by Natja Brunckhorst, and while confronting, also has unique cinematic style.
There is a guest appearance by David Bowie (he also contributed heavily to the soundtrack) and Christiane's wardrobe is done very well, just two of the factors that made this 1981 film a cult favourite. I love the simplicity of her looks early in the film - white shirt, red nails and vest, or a satin bomber jacket worn with skinny jeans. Definitely one to see.

Poster and screencaps from Christiane F. via here


  1. Came across your blog tonight and it's gorgeous!

    Christiane F is one of my favorite films, I've only seen the dubbed version (a little annoying) but the soundtrack..the cinematography..her STYLE! So so good.

  2. Nice blog!
    Do you know what is the brand of the jacket?
    Thank you in advance,


    1. Hi Debbie, this is quite an old film, I have a feeling the jacket was probably vintage. Sorry!