Tuesday, April 9, 2013

christopher esber

Photos by Rachel Kara, Layout, Edit and Handwriting by Talisa Sutton, Words by Hannah-Rose Yee

The most remarkable thing about Christopher Esber is not something you would expect. Sure, he's a bit of a boy genius - a wunderkid of the fashion world - he's got New York knocking on his door and print editorial coming out of his ears and yet consistently churns out some of the most exciting and innovative minimalist design in Sydney, no question. All of that is remarkable but not the most remarkable thing. That honour goes to the fact that when we met up with the designer on the day of his show he couldn't remember what he had for breakfast. "Maybe I skipped breakfast," Esber admitted, grinning sheepishly. "I had a tea." He said. "And a banana."

He must have been a bit affronted by our shocked and disbelieving faces (how could you skip breakfast? how could you possibly not remember what you ate at the most important meal of the day?) that he added "I love breakfast, it's my favourite meal." We believe him, but we also understand that he might have had more important things on his mind. Like putting the finishing touches on the glorious ode to lightness that was this collection.

There is something to be said for the way that Esber creates a minimalist vision that never skimps on the softness. It is all too easy for designers who go down that route to bow to the fussiness and severity of the genre - leather and twist tucks and boiled wool - but it's not so with Esber. He always seems to design with a deftness of touch and a sleight of hand that is overwhelmingly, surprisingly soft. It's a feminine minimalism (feminimalism!), a simplicity that is never harsh. It is this quality - remarkable even, we grant you - that has turned him into the name on everyone's lips, and it is this quality that he delivered in spades today.

And what does an Esber girl, soft and lovely, a haze of effervescent light, look like? Teddy, languid as a duchess in a navy blue silk suit so fluid and mercurial that it seemed to move on its own accord. Gabby, a boxy white tee shirt under a sleeveless house coat, the kind of easy simplicity that people strive to find in their working wardrobe. The office was also sorted with bomber jackets and jodhpurs (well, maybe a creative office), and wrap skirts and check organza silk tee blouses. For off-duty it was all about the white cotton and grey marle shift dress, boxy as anything, with side pockets and a high neckline. Imagine that having a cup of tea and a banana in the morning. And, of course, that was Esber's favourite look, too.

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