Friday, May 17, 2013

thinking of fall / closet update


My latest post for Vogue Spy Style is about simple and effective ways to update your new-season closet. I love how much difference a new coat or an accessory can make to your existing wardrobe. Head over to Vogue for more tips and pics.

1. Ruby Sees All coat, Life With Bird classics dress, RMK heels
2. Kate Sylvester sunglasses, Life With Bird classics dress, Zimmermann clutch
3. Toi et Moi knit, Life With Bird classics dress, RMK heels

Photos by Nicole Cooper


  1. Damn, T, you make everything look good. And the knits. Want 'em all. You're my knitspiration!

  2. I love simplicity, great looks x

  3. These looks are all so amazing!!

    xx Nicole

  4. Those jeans are just perfect.

  5. Damn those jeans look so much better in you than they do on me! I got the same ones. Xx