Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I hope everyone had an amazing new years! Ours was spent watching The Wire, eating ice cream and falling asleep shortly after midnight. One of the highlights from my trip was James Turrell's Within Without skyspace installation at the National gallery. I mentioned it before and it certainly didn't disappoint, it was amazing to actually spend half an hour staring at the sky and watching the colour it took on as you were affected by the contrast of the interior walls.
 The viewing chamber was set to a timer so the colour of the lights around the wall changed every few minutes. As this happened you started to perceive the sky differently, I jotted some notes down so I wouldn't forget! Most striking was the hot pink wall making the sky look an amazing aqua/teal blue and the grey wall which made the sky deep green. 

One of my new years resolutions is to write more on this blog, I am always much more comfortable using just images but this year is all about trying new things for me. I'm also trying to abide by a more stoic (read: stress free) philosophy inspired by the book Meditations by Caesar Marcus Aurelius.

"A little flesh, a little breath and a reason to rule all - that is myself." 

What are your resolutions?

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