Tuesday, November 1, 2011

a little look at our place



Recently we had to take some photos of our apartment and I thought it would be nice to share them with you. I love getting a glimpse at peoples creative spaces. My favourite places for inspiration are Where They Creatework.placeDesign* Sponge and Vogue Portugal's Room Service.

1 & 2. Our bookshelves in the living room. We may have way too many books. Across the top is my Lanvin wedding doll, Deyrolle butterflies (all gifts from Rohan) and two of Rohan's illustrations in perspex frames. Below is our Russh magazine archive, every issue from #1! 

3 & 4. Our Living room is pretty simple. We have an Ikea fold out table for when extra guests pop over and Philippe Starck ghost chairs. I always love to have fresh flowers in the house, at the time cherry blossoms were in season so we had a big bunch. Our little orchid lives between the bookcase and the windowsill. 

5. New bed! I have been waiting to get a new frame for ages, it has big storage draws underneath which are really handy. I also love using little apothecary bottles as vases. 

6 & 7. Some of my favourite books at the moment. I keep all my makeup and CDs in these draws. 

8, 9 & 10. My little vanity table. I think was actually a little school table, I found in the foyer of my old apartment building. The chair is vintage from Surry Hills markets. On top of the desk the boxed set of Rohan's portfolio booklets, my jewellery box (A sunglasses box from The Row) and my favourite Benah cuffs. I have a clothing rack set up next to this where I keep my go-to items. At the the moment it's a T by Alexander Wang white t-shirt dress, Benah pistachio lola clutch and Isabel Marant striped linen scarf.

11 & 12. Our little office. (I'm (Rohan) in here most days for most of the day, except when I'm out getting coffee. It's really lovely in the morning at about 9:30am in spring; the sun shines in through the trees outside and lights everything up.) 

13. Some of my favourite coffee table books and an A.P.C fig candle. I can't stop flicking through Home: Where They Create by Paul Barbera, Influence by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Cowboy Kate and Other Stories by Sam Haskins. 

14 & 15. Our little kitchen window where the parsley and basil sometimes live. Yoshitomo Nara is one of our favourite artists. The print was an anniversary gift I got for Rohan, it has it's own little spot in our corridor which you see as soon as you open the front door. 

16 & 17. Our all black bathroom. Aesop is probably my favourite skin care brand, their handwash is absolutely amazing. We were given these Missoni towels at the Missoni for Havaianas launch party a few months ago, we don't have a lot of colour in our place so these help brighten things up. 


  1. Talisa and Rohan your apartment is beautiful :) Can you tell me where you bought your bed base? I want a simple base with storage too. I also love your Lanvin doll - how did you find one?

  2. Thankyou Michelle. The bed is from Ikea, the draws underneath are surprisingly roomy. The Lanvin doll is from Belinda, Rohan and I were both working there at the time so he snapped it up as soon as it arrived. x

  3. Your apartment is looking even more beautiful! Love the little changes you've made and all the white space.

  4. absolutely beautiful post, you have a lovely apartment. i look forward to going to ikea and sorting all my stuff out (as soon as I have time) to look as neat and calm as your place!

  5. Erika, you will have to come visit soon!

    Thankyou Madeline. Sorting can be fun, it's hard when you're busy but I find I'm more productive when I'm in a organised space!


  6. Your blog just keeps getting better and better, it's becoming a guilty pleasure of a read for me! What a glorious place you both live in. x

  7. oh em gee! just found your blog via a blog via a blog and am in love! very jealous of your humble abode! xx

  8. Talisa your place is freaking beautiful!!!!

  9. oh wow. your apartment is beautiful and the fresh flowers and herbs just make it perfect.

  10. Your place is beautiful. I love being surrounded by crisp white with black furnishings, and a full bookcase is always good!

    Loving your blog, following! xx