Friday, November 11, 2011

white heat





Summer is coming.

The new issue of Self Service magazine, despite being F/W 12 has given me some summertime inspiration. Codie Young on holiday in the Ukraine, Malgosia Bela in Hollywood captured in black and white and Gertrud Hegelund at the Catalina Beach Club, Atlantic Beach, New York.

I have one week left of my design course, so beach time is just around the corner. This morning I took a study break in favour of a little collage and painting, I have hardly had any time to draw for the past few weeks. I'm also looking forward to picking up the new Murakami book, 1q84, and having afternoon reading breaks in the park.

Next on my book list in Poolside with Slim Aarons, I just love the sixties and seventies imagery. I also want to find the perfect black summer dress, like this one snapped by Vanessa Jackman. The understated accessories make this just perfect, I have been wanting these little alphabet and knuckle rings from Catbird for a few months since I saw them on Honestly wtf. They're on my Christmas list along with a few BRVTVS pieces, fingers crossed!

1 & 11. Collage by my me using watercolour and images from Russh magazine, 2. Do Son fragrance by Diptyque, a gift from one of my lovely friends which is perfect for summer, 3. Codie Young in Self Service issue FW12, 4. Images from Poolside with Slim Aarons from here, 5. My favourite floral print Lover bikini, 6. Isabel Marant's essentials in Self Service, 7.  APC fig and Jasmine candles, perfect for this weather, 8. Photos from Vanessa Jackman, 9 & 10. Malgosia Bela in Self Service, 12.  Gertrud Hegelund in Self Service. Photographs by me. 

p.s. From now on I'll add all the blog images to my tumblr to make it easier to reblog. Thanks!


  1. T i love the shoes were can i buy them?

  2. this post captures everything i'm looking forward to this summer- i particularly love that bikini!

    Madeleine :)

  3. Dawn, the shoes are Dries Van Noten from last summer. They are amazing!

    Madeline, I know, I can't wait for beach time!