Monday, January 2, 2012

eye to eye

"If a day goes by without my doing something related to photography, it's as though I've neglected something essential to my existence, as though I had forgotten to wake up"
- Robert Mapplethorpe

I would loved to have seen the Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition in Paris curated by Sofia Coppola. Sadly it finishes tomorrow, Jan 3rd, 2 weeks shy of our holiday. But I'm looking forward to seeing a few other galleries and museums and visiting Versailles. When Marie Antoinette came out a few years ago it became an instant dream to see the Ch√Ęteau and I still can't believe I'm really going...

Also it's time to ask for some recommendations. If anyone has been to Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam or Bruges we would love to hear suggestions of places we should visit. Thanks!

All photos by Robert Mapplethorpe


  1. and you can get laduree macarons at versailles now too! just make sure you stick it out and get to the petits trianons and marie antoinette's hamlet, the first time I went to Versailles I didn't get there because we got lost, but the second time I made sure to get to the hamlet, because that's where the beautiful farmhouse is.. it's so pretty! even in cold. :)

    mmmm there are so many good museums in paris, you'll be spoilt. the Musee D'Orsay with the monet water lilies is my favourite, but I also love Musee Marmottan which is the special Monet museum (if you love impressionists like me!) and the palais de tokyo which is the modern art gallery, which has the best view of the Eiffel tower just over its crest and has a fantastic restaurant and an old-school photobooth in its corridor where karl shot the recent chanel campaign! hmmmmmm what else... I'll think of some more and tell you on thursday!


  2. ohhhh!! and the musee de la vie romantique which has a gorgeous little tea garden (but it's closed in winter) but it's so beautiful, in the most lovely lush garden surrounds. there are heaps of beautiful churches in paris too, like sainte-schapelle with all the stained glass windows... my favourite. x

  3. go up to the top level (/restaurant level) of the new Amsterdam city library (near Sentraal station). Amazing building and best (free) view of the city.

  4. I loved the Joan Miro museum in Barcelona, if you like art it's not to be missed. Also, Park Guell was my favourite for a dose of Gaudi. If you like a bit of fresh air then Montserrat (just outside Barcelona and accessible via train that connect to the metro) is a great break. Restaurante La Rita (on Calle Arago) had excellent food and it was very well-priced for the quality and it's centrally located in L'Exiample. And watch a football match at Camp Nou - the atmosphere is terrific!

    In Paris, I waited nearly an hour to eat at La Cantine Du Troquet and it was hands-on the best meal of my trip (they don't take reservations, hence the weight). They were also very nice about explaining dishes I didn't understand in French. The chef's recommendation menu is great value for money, but only if you have a good appetite - it's something like 35-40 euros for 7 courses, i forget exactly. And the best small museum in Paris has to Musee Rodin.

  5. Hannah, going to go to the Palais de Tokyo for sure! Photo booth!

    Madeline, thankyou I will definitely check it out. The canals must be so beautiful from up high!

    Lin, I like the sound of that restaurant in Paris! I never mind waiting for a good meal. I'm so looking forward to seeing all the Gaudi architecture too...

    Thanks xx

  6. T do some cemetaries! Morbid but if you feel like it you should definately go to Pere Lachaise that is the biggest one and see Jim Morrison's grave and Oscar Wilde's too. And do the Monteparnasse one if you can for Serge Gainsbourg. They have weird traditions where you can kiss Oscar's grave with lipstick and leave a metro ticket on Serge's after his song le poinconneur de lilas. You can't graffiti on Jim Morrison's anymore though.

    have fun!

    - caitlin