Monday, February 27, 2012

côte d'azur - le reve


"It could be argued that it has become a cliché. But that would be to dismiss the luxuriance of what is still, even now, a heaven on earth. There are few places which have continued for more than a century and a half to captivate painters and writers, to attract billionaires and the simply curious, and to appeal equally to the French and to foreigners - dubbed 'estrangers' by the novelist Colette. Visitors have always been drawn by the light, the ideal climate and the beauty of the headlands and bays, but it was at the end of the 19th century that the history of the Côte d'Azur truly began, 1886 to be exact, when Stephen Liégeard discovered Hyéres and then travelled along the entire coast to Nice. His was book was entitled Côte d'Azur 1886 - the title taking its lead from the Côte d'Or, as his native Burgundy and its vineyards were known. It retraces his journey, but most of all records his sense of wonder at this 'heaven on earth'."
-Coralie Tilot, Côte d'Azur The Dream published by Lido

Dreamy photos of Brigitte Bardot in countryside France from my new book Côte d'Azur The Dream. Speaking of dreams, my first ever Celine purchase, what more could a girl ask for? Also a few little goodies that made their way back from Paris including an Isabel Marant feather choker, Lanvin cards and a Byredo candle and the most delicate ring from Catbird in NY (thanks Hannah!). Why do holidays ever have to end?

1, 2 & 4. Photos of my Celine tri-pochette and the SS12 lookbook by me, 3. Collage by me staring a resort 12 look from Celine and a watercolour swatch by me, other images, source unknown, 5 & 6. Côte d'Azur The Dream photographed by me and watercolour illustration, 7-10. Photographs by me.


  1. I just adore your sense of aesthetics Talisa!

  2. Thanks Caitlin, I love your work too x

  3. Love this post! I have to take a look at that book, and your purse is a dream! I cannot wait any longer; I have to get my hands on a Celine- purse. My heart suffers from this crush that over time has turned into deep love, and now feels like a never-ending obsession!

  4. Alice, the Celine is a dream. I hope you can get one! x

  5. that necklace is so phenomenal. I am loving your blog :)

  6. I discover your blog today and I must say that it is very inspiring for me !

  7. The rings and that stem of - I actually have no idea what plant that even is?
    Whatever it may be, it's stunning.