Thursday, March 1, 2012



Interior mood no. 4

The new Acne Paris store in Le Marais was on my must visit list for shops. Located conveniently around the corner from Merci, the converted garage space has a industrial feel; exposed concrete, metal sheeting and dropped beam lights which are complemented by Acne's modern-scandanavian aesthetic.
The overall neutral colour scheme is accented with bright yellow perspex and soft pink marble (that staircase!) and upon entering the highly conceptual store you are greeted by recent Acne collaborator, Daniel Silver's, marble sculpture.
I visited a few Acne stores in my travels and this one was a clear favourite, even the flowers were colour relevant. Definitely worth a visit if you're ever in Paris.

Acne Studios
3 Rue de Froissart, Le Marais 3rd

All photos by me

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  1. how exciting.
    i wanna go! great shots and so many amazing pieces here