Monday, May 7, 2012


I have Hannah to thank for this one. After a quick email exchange while she was in Hong Kong and I was in Paris, I was promptly reminded to visit one of her favourite breakfast spots in the 1st, Claus.
The 'Claus' set breakfast included coffee, fresh juice, bread with butter and jam of the day, a boiled egg and bircher muesli.
Alongside Rose Bakery, this was the best breakfast I had in Paris! Downstairs they also have a delightful selection of organic pantry staples, fresh jam, bread and pastries. I miss going here so much, and especially that feeling of being rugged up in a great cafe while it's absolutely freezing outside.

14 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
75001 Paris

Photos my me


  1. I was told too Talisa and I went and ATE - you can only ever take Hannah's advise when she says 'make sure you go here....' x

  2. oh my.... I remember those raspberries so well!! so big and juicy!! and claus is the only place in the whole world where I can eat bircher, and you know how strongly I feel about muesli. I'm so glad you went. and these photos are bringing it all flooding back.. I wish there was a Claus in Sydney!!!!


    ps. I really loved this post. your pictures are sooooo good. totally capture that feeling of plenty that you get from being at claus! like there's too much food! it's all so wonderful.

  3. Giselle and Hannah, imagine if we could have our catch up breakfasts here!? I am in love with this place, seriously!

    And yes, Hannah gives the best cafe/restaurant recommendations. Still dreaming about Buffalo dining club too!


  4. This looks lovely. I cannot wait to visit Paris and find my own little places! I absolutely love all of your posts. x

  5. I'm heading to Europe in 2 weeks time for the next 3 months & would LOVE some recommendations of places to eat / shop / see?

  6. Sheena, thankyou! :)

    Sahra Marie, there are so many places you have to visit!
    For food we recommend Chez Omar (best cous cous!), Chez Hannah (try the falafel special), Rose Bakery (carrot cake!!), Merci canteen and library cafe, Thaim for an amazing Thai set menu and Andy Wahloo for a drink.
    We also went to David Lynch's nightclub Silencio, the venue and music is amazing but drinks were overpriced and pretty average.

    For shopping my favourite places were COS, Carven, A.P.C, Isabel Marant, Merci, Bonton, Le Bon Marche and Acne.

    In terms of sights we got the Time Out Paris guide and went to as many places as possible. Standouts were the L'Orangerie, Musee D'Orsay, Eiffel Tower, the Catacombes, Versailles, the Pompidou Centre.

    Have the best trip! x