Tuesday, May 29, 2012

you'll get there someday


It's such a good feeling to finish up most of my work for the semester. I still have a few things due next week but right now I'm enjoying finished paintings and fresh flowers in our office, finally flicking through some magazine I've been saving and looking to one of my favourite fashion illustrators, Cédric Rivrain for inspiration. Can't wait to start on a few exciting Badlands Studio projects!

1. New paintings and sweetpeas in my office
2. Cédric Rivrain "Selected Drawings" and Sherie Muijs cotton shirt
3. Lula magazine #14 spring/summer 2012, Benah kodi bag
4. Sherie Muijs cotton shirt, Cédric Rivrain "Selected Drawings", Mono. Kultur zine #20 the Dries Van Noten issue,
Uniform Wares watch, Yves Saint Laurent Arty Oval ring and sweetpeas in my office.
5. L'Officiel magazine March 2012

All photographs by me