Thursday, October 4, 2012

from photographs to abstractions

"The abstract pictures are no less arbitrary than all object-bound representations (based on any old motif, which is supposed to turn into a picture). The only difference is that in these the 'motif' evolves only during the process of painting. So they imply that I do not know what I want to represent, or how to begin; that I have only highly imprecise and invariably false ideas of the motif that I am to make into a picture; and therefore that – motivated as I am solely by ignorance and frivolity – I am in a position to start. (The 'solely' stands for life!)"

-Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter from Abstract Paintings exhibition via Hypebeast
Gerhard Richter, “Deck Chair II”, 1965, via Gagosian Gallery
Gerhard Richter, "Fuji 839-16", Oil on Aluminium /Alucobond via Galerie Ludorff
Gerhard Richter, "Zwei Liebespaare (Two Couples)", 1966, Oil on canvas, via Gerhard Richter
Still from Gerhard Richter Painting via Nowness

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