Thursday, October 11, 2012

on a throne in the sky

One of my favourite things about this time of year is the Fall issues of all my favourite bi-annual magazines coming out, and also finishing up uni for the semester. This week marks the last of classes (with exams and presentations still to follow) but it is also the half-way point of my degree, pretty exciting!

So today, alongside finishing a few projects, I'm taking some time out to read, burn my favourite candles and maybe even do some baking.

1. Lula magazine F/W 12.13 photographed by me. Thankyou Ro for the beautiful anemones! 
2 & 5. Scans from Lula magazine F/W 12.13 via TFS
3. Maison Balzac candles in  L'Eglise and La Rose photographed by me
4. Collage by me using scans from Lula magazine F/W 12.13 via TFS and oil paint


  1. this issue of lula is divine!

  2. sounds absolutely lovely! always love seeing your work. good luck with school!


  3. Hi,
    I love your blog.
    Just wondering what it is you study?

  4. Thankyou! I'm currently getting a BFA in painting & drawing.