Sunday, February 17, 2013

central park

A collection of polaroids I took one particularly sunny day in Central Park.

Like true tourists, Rohan and I had $5 burgers at the Boathouse Express Cafe.
Hopefully next time we can dine in the actual restaurant à la Carrie and Big!


  1. These are lovely! I'm really tempted to get a polaroid camera, but I don't know what kind. A question about your Superga sneakers, do you only wear them with jeans? Or do you think they would look good styled with something like a leather or wool mini? I'm thinking of getting a pair myself, but I'm not sure how versatile sneakers are as I don't wear them often.

  2. Thankyou! Film can get a bit expensive but it's so worth it :)

    You can wear Supergas with everything! They are a little more dressy than a normal sneaker so I wear them almost as I would a flat, def. ok with a leather skirt.

  3. Lovely pictures.

    You have to come back at eat at the restaurant. It's actually quite good and one of our favorite date spots.

  4. I love your pics. I miss New York so much. :)