Wednesday, March 13, 2013

& other stories

& Other Stories has been one of the main topic of conversation between Hannah and I for the past few weeks. As a new addition to the H&M family (and you already know how much I love COS) I had a feeling I would love this, but it was the social media leading up to the launch that really got me. I, along with many others, was checking their tumblr daily as they released new sneak peeks of the collection as well as behind-the-scenes videos and making-ofs (their packaging is superb!). The only thing is that they don't ship ship to Australia at the moment, but in the meantime looking through the collection in its entirety and making a dream wishlist is good enough!

Images from & Other Stories


  1. They don't ship to the US either :(


  2. Hey Talisa! I have been to their flagship here in Copenhagen and it's pretty good. I can maybe forward you a parcel if you want to, I know something about COS withdrawal symptoms from my time in Oz, haha.


  3. Martina, lucky you! Might have to take you up on that if they don't start
    shipping worldwide pretty soon! x

  4. Hi, it's looking good!! Just found your blog too, beautifully crafted I love it!