Thursday, April 28, 2011


Gail Sorronda is one of my favourite Australian designers and has been since the very first time I saw her show at Sydney Fashion Week back in 2006. I remember seeing the 'Sweet Tooth' dress (pictured above) and thinking how much I would like it to be mine! Many shows have past since then but this dress still hangs in my closet along with a few other treasured pieces collected along the way.

Last year Rohan designed the lookbook and show invitation for the SS10 collection, Murmur. This was the first season where Gail introduced colour (a touch of bronze), and as always I loved the inspiration behind the collection.

"There’s a low continuous drone like a cloud of mosquitoes blanketing the sun. Distant murmurs on an island, their apparition drowned out in an oceanic swell of noise. Opiates have dulled the senses. Chemicals pattern the sky. The funeral procession is met head on in a solemn ceremony.

The beaded armour offers protection from the evil eye as the Sirocco wind starts to blow; whispering and touching us softly like raindrops. Our human instincts emanate from the heart. This beat is our sound."

- Gail Sorronda Blog

We are looking forward to seeing the SS11-12 collection on Monday night, in the meantime I just need to work out what to wear!

1. My Gail Sorronda 'Sweet Tooth' dress, 2. Gail Sorronda SS11 show invite designed by Rohan, 3 & 4. Gail Sorronda SS11 poster lookbook designed by Rohan, all photos by us.


  1. This looks wonderful! Please do post the collection if possible and maybe add your wonderful musings to it again.

  2. love these

  3. i got the desert kisses + stratus dresses to wear! cant wait to see you on monday x