Saturday, May 7, 2011


I've had an incredibly fashion-filled week, my Rag and Bone boots made their debut and it's been amazing to attend a few shows at Sydney Fashion Week. Hannah and I had lunch on Thursday after attending the Yeojin Bae show (more on this later) and an amazing Sonoma (great chai and muesli) date discussing our favourite shows and all the assignments we have due next week.

I saw lots of beautiful bags this week but I still find myself drawn to the simplicity of Sofia's designs for Louis Vuitton. One of my friends owns the delightful black duffle-style handbag and it's just perfect. I can't remember where I found the above photo but I love Sofia's creative space complete with concept sketches and fabric swatches. 

Also I have been reading the Self Service blog and falling in love with their daily obsessions. And in case you hadn't guessed I'm planning on re-decorating my bedroom. Photos to come soon!

1. Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton clutch illustrated by me, 2. Stella McCartney cuffs from the Self Service blog, 3-6. Source unknown, 7. Watercolour by me, 8. Photo from Emma's design blog

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