Sunday, May 29, 2011


"Though the sun is gone, I have a light."
 - Kurt Cobain

I bought flowers this morning, the first for a long time! These beautiful violet sweet peas were photographed for a project and are now in my bedroom adding some much needed brightness to a cold and rainy day. 
I love these all white Ellery looks photographed by Russh magazine, so simple and sophisticated. The poster on my wall is one of Ellery's fashion show invites from a few years ago. Although I didn't attend the show this year I have been lucky enough to flick through the limited edition gazette that was produced for the collection, you can have a little peek on their blog.

Ro and I have spent our Sunday working on various projects and listening to Nirvana. There is nothing like being indoors painting and drinking tea with the heater on while it's pouring outside. 

1 & 3. Photos by me, 2 & 4. Russh magazine June/July 12 scanned by Alice Euphemia

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  1. beautiful flowers just like you my beautiful baby girl i miss not spending time with you