Monday, June 20, 2011


"Dear Diary,

I've noticed that Ken hasn't talked to me ever since he got that new earring... 
I wonder if he's mad at me?

Sincerely, Barbie"
- via I Love You magazine

These are a few things I like at the moment, coincidentally there is a lot of pink!

Rohan and I are both on holidays now - for me this has meant finally getting through my stack of new magazines, finishing Jane Eyre, doing some painting and re-watching all the X-Men movies after seeing X-Men: First Class at the cinema. It was awesome. 

1. My Isabel Marant scarf and Acne denim shirt, 2 & 3. Graphic Design for fashion by Jay Hess and Simone Pasztorek, 4 & 5. I Love You magazine 'The Princess Issue' and my Isabel Marant bracelet, 6-8. Pretty pastels in the new issue of Lula magazine, 9 & 10. Stella McCartney pre-spring 2008 lookbook and one of my favourite pegs. 

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