Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the everyday

My current trio of rings consists of a Georg Gensen daisy, Karen Walker skull and Jordan Askill heart. I love simple, fine jewellery for everyday and have been lucky to receive these pieces as gifts, the first two for my 21st birthday and the heart ring from Rohan for our 3 year anniversary. I used to have this heart ring in yellow gold too, another gift from Rohan when Jordi first started designing them a few years back. Unfortunately it slipped off my finger a little while ago and I am still getting used to wearing just one :c. 
Another perk of being on holidays is that I can finally maintain a nice manicure. I have been using Chanel particuliere all the time, my new winter colour. I also enjoy waking up every morning to Sam Haskins' Cowboy Kate and Other Stories which stands on display near the end of my bed.

Last but not least, my Isabel Marant coat has been another staple for the past two winters and it still manages to be perfect with everything. It's become quite cold and miserable in Sydney over the past two days so I won't be leaving the house without this and my Benah beanie.

What are your winter essentials?


  1. What an amazing coat!
    My essential items for the past winter were definitely a tube of good hand cream and my topshop camel duffle coat to guard against the bitter London wind.

  2. Oh dear, that is a shame about losing your other Jordi ring :c

    My winter essentials would be my Sportsgirl utility jacket and my Acne pistol boots!

  3. i lovelovelove your isabel marant coat!