Thursday, June 23, 2011

travel notes

A booklet I made for a recent Tafe project. It was a fun to work on and one of the first pieces of work where I have combined my design, illustration and photography all at once. 
I really enjoy going through our archive of holiday photos from Japan in 2009. Rohan and I have both used a few of these for various projects and one of our tree photos was blown up in the corner shop Paddington to cover a door. 
Each image has its own story to it, the beautiful flowers were given to us by two girls who had just been a a wedding. They were desperately looking to share a taxi with someone and after realising the flowers may not last the rest of their night out, they kindly gave them to us. 
Two of the images are of this amazing sulphur mountain in Owakudani national park in Hakone, Japan. It is referred to by the locals as 'Hell Valley' and was unlike anything  we had ever seen before. 
There is a little store further up the mountain which sells famous black boiled eggs (see photo below) which are said to extend your life by seven years. 
It's been over two years since we were there and the hard times the country has faced this year have been incredibly sad. We are both still looking forward to going again and would love to see more of the countryside and stay in Kyoto. There are some amazing buildings in Tokoyo (The Prada store in Aoyama being my favourite) so I was delighted when I found these pictures of Hotel Anteroom which has recently opened in Kyoto. 

1 - 5. Booklet & photographs by me, 6. Photograph by Rohan, 7 - 10. Anteroom hotel photos from upon a fold.


  1. I've just stumbled across your blog and have spent hours reading every post back to the first. It's beautiful! I love the eclectic mix of photography, illustration, graphic design, fashion and personal style. I was wondering what you study at TAFE? x

  2. Thankyou for the kind words Faridah.
    I'm currently studying Graphic Design at Tafe and before that I studied fashion business at a private college.


  3. Congrats darling it's beautiful! Are there a few printed...??

  4. Thankyou Rachel, I have a few. One of them was assembled inside out so they sent me two extras :) !