Sunday, August 14, 2011

acne studios

Dreaming a little big here but how amazing would it be to work for the Acne Studio art department? I remember seeing an image of the studio fridge in an old issue of Acne paper. Their chef had kindly posted a note of what would be on their lunch menu for the day. That's right, while you're creating a brand identity for Byredo Parfums or putting together a new season lookbook, a chef is making you lunch! 
These are a few of my favourite Acne related images at the moment; their amazing pink packaging, a photo I took of the Erotica issue back when I started the corner shop blog, the Acne team family portrait on their website, flashback to a 2005 lookbook and screen shots from the new Youth issue.  

1. Photo by me, 2. Byredo Parfums by Moses Voigt, 3. Photo from afterDRK, 4. & 5. Acne home, 6. Photo from Acne studio in Graphic Design for Fashion book, 7. & 8. Acne lookbook 2005, 9. & 10. The Youth issue from Acne Paper


  1. and how great was the acne business card!! we both got so excited.. it's the little things.


  2. I know! I just finished mine yesterday, I'll post a photo soon x

  3. I know the feeling, the Acne inhouse design is probably my biggest work crush. I love the Byredo aesthetic, the type almost looks like neutraface but I don't think the Q is right. Sigh, it's all so simple and perfect.

    Can't wait to see your business card!

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