Saturday, August 6, 2011


It's been a beautiful week in Sydney, sunny and fine with 22-25 degree weather every day. Needless to say my work has been neglected a little in favour of spending time in the sun. This morning I went to the Kings Cross markets, this is always one of my favourite things to do when I have a saturday off. 
I bought a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers, organic mango and peach juice and an amazing walnut and fig loaf from Brasserie Breads. 
I have also started wearing my lightweight summer scarves, K Jaques sandals and bright nailpolish. So ready for spring!

1. Flowers by my window, 2. Drinking juice and sketching at my desk, 3. Isabel Marant and Benah scarves, 4. My K Jaques sandals, 5. Kit nailpolish. All photos by me using my new CanonS95.


  1. I love how the simple pleasures can make for such a nice morning!

  2. The flowers are delightful the smell would be amazing! Wish i was with you to enjoy them luv mum

  3. it's a shame the weather turned rainy again today :c

    ps you got the canon s95! yay

  4. the mustard k.jacques were such a good buy - so glad you caved and didn't get black. love it all!


  5. cute sandals! the mustard ones are especially lovely.

    sad that the weather is cold again though! :(

  6. Jane, the camera is so good! We bought it to take overseas with us...

    Hannah, I'm glad you convinced me!

    Thanks Lina! I got to wear them a few times before the weather turned.

  7. You have such a nice workspace.


  8. Lovely photos. Isn't the S95 just the best!