Sunday, August 21, 2011


I have been really focused on classics this week, simple black and white, tiny details, pieces you will wear and keep forever and designing to this aesthetic. I finally had a chance to read the new issue of Love magazine, the interview between Elle Fanning and Alexa Chung was pretty cute and I'm obsessed with the botanical engraved flourishes used with the type. 
I also finished and printed my business cards and had the chance to wear a few of my favourite pieces out for my brother's birthday dinner. The Zara evening bag and heels have become an evening staple and I love my Phillip Lim laser-cut leather shorts for special occasions. 

1. Zara bag, 2. Type from Love magazine, 3. Phillip Lim shorts, 4. Celine ads in Love magazine, 5. Zara heels, 6. Rohan's business cards, 7. My business cards. All photos by us. 


  1. I am also loving classic staple items at the moment. I feel to have "matured" in my style over the last few months, but items like that bag and those shoes are just perfect for adding a bit of simple glamour to an evening outfit.

    Love the blog by the way!


  2. It's so hard to find LOVE magazine in Canada. Do you know by chance do big bookstores like B&N carry Acne Paper or must you buy it off Acne's site? Much thanks!

  3. Thanks Alice!

    Joy, I'm lucky and have a few amazing newsagencies around me which I can usually buy it from. Australia and NZ also have an amazing chain called Magnation which specialises in hard to find magazines.
    I'm not too sure sure about overseas though, I would probably just go through the Acne website if your newsagent doesn't have it... x

  4. Such perfection in the classics. Love.

    A x

  5. I too love the idea of purchasing items you can own forever. And I know what you mean about it translating to your design. The two really inform one another.

    Great business card too, the handwritten type is neat.

  6. it's always good to know that you can always count on the classics, there are always some pieces to come back to

  7. It's amazing how the most simple, classic pieces in your wardrobes are the ones you end up grabbing the most often as you walk out the door. They are perfect no matter what.

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