Saturday, September 3, 2011


I have been wearing this burgundy Isabel Marant jacket non-stop for the past few weeks. It's perfect for this in-between weather with a white tee and jeans. Another favourite is my Isabel Marant square pendant necklace, I'm planning on wearing this with my summer staples, white silk shirts, denim shorts and sandals. 
I'm looking at an old Lyell lookbook for spring inspiration, soft black silk dresses and shirts with the faintest hints of lace. Also this photoshoot from issue two of The Gentlewoman magazine. I hope I can find a pair of leather driving gloves in Europe.

1. COS F/W magazine, 2. Isabel Marant necklace 3. Illustration by me, 4. Isabel Marant jacket , 5. Lyell lookbook, 6. The Gentlewoman magazine. Photos 2-5 taken by me. 


  1. That lookbook looks amazing!


  2. Love your burgundy jacket. It's perfect.