Saturday, September 17, 2011

home: where they create

Yesterday I picked up Paul Barbera's book Where They Create. I have had my name down on the wait list for a few weeks and it's so exciting to actually have it sitting on my coffee table. A few of my favourites are present; Acne Studios, Confetti System and Fantastic Man and most of all it has me really motivated to finish of my mini bedroom re-decorating project. Unfortunately it's been on hold for a while now, I can't wait for my two week break so I can finish it! 
At the moment there are deep purple sweet peas in our living room which I was photographing for a project. One thing that has been inspiring me a lot lately is the organic beauty of flowers in contrast with strong, geometric shapes. 
I also had a great time at the Benah sale with Hannah. I picked up this amazing sample tie-dye tote bag, it's now hanging on my door as a little reminder that next week will finally be beach weather! 

1. Where They Create by Paul Barbera, 2. My Benah beach bag, 3. Acne Studios in Where They Create, 4. Flowers photographed by me, 5. Confetti System in Where They Create, 6. Flowers photographed by and watercolour shapes by me, 7. Fantastic Man in Where They Create.   

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  1. need this book! and i love your black sweet peas!