Friday, September 30, 2011

pale ryder part 2

Last night was the launch of Benah's Pale Ryder film directed by Ben Briand and featuring Isabella from The Preachers (their band gave an amazing performance!) and actor Sam Smith. The film looks at destiny and fate, the inspiration behind the current collection. This is only a teaser trailer but the full version will be up on Benah soon. 
Hannah's Celine tri-pochette made an appearance with her Benah cuff and sandals and I took my pistachio Lola clutch out for a spin. The film was beautiful, as were the framed stills up for sale on the gallery wall and I got to catch up with a few friends I haven't seen in ages. 

Today has been pretty great too; working from home, burning the A.P.C fig candle and reading the new issue of The Gentlewoman. How amazing is that Isabel Marant navajo sweater!?

1. Benah film trailer, 2-5. Photos by me, 6. Photo by Rohan (thankyou!) 

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  1. Found your blog through googling - and glad! awesome stuff.

    ps. i know gideon from the preachers!


    Bang & Buck