Monday, December 19, 2011

an american girl in paris

"Paris is such a different experience. The mood is more intense. I always dress up more when I'm in Paris." 
- Lindsey Wixson for print

Just got a copy of's first print issue. I love the photos of Lindsey in her hometown of Wichita, Kansas and then in New York and Paris. Not too long ago Rohan and I watched An American Werewolf in Paris, I feel like I'm seeing the Eiffel Tower everywhere!  
A lot of my favourite labels are French and I'm currently making a list of all the boutiques I'd like to visit in January. I discovered the shirt label of my dreams, Thomsen, earlier in the year. I've been wearing my print voile shirt everywhere as it's been a bit of a cool summer here so far and I can't wait to pick up some more shirts at their flagship store.
Two other favourites are Isabel Marant and Carven. MNZ store have a great selection of both labels and I just love their styling and photography. I can only imagine how cute the Carven shop must be!

Speaking of things I love, I've also got a top 10 guest post over at the Benah blog. Thanks for having me Brenda!

1 & 2. Print magazine photographed by me, 3. Collage using Carven images from MNZ, 4 & 5. Carven SS11 lookbook photographed by me, 6. Isabel Marant sweater from MNZ and photo of my Isabel Marant Yuli scarf and Thomsen shirt hanging in my room, 7. Me in my Thomsen shirt, photographed by Rohan.


  1. I'm so jealous of your magazine! it's on my list of things to buy asap but can't afford to splurge on at the moment haha. The thomsen shirt is great, of course!


  2. I was so damn excited when mine arrived in the PO Box too, it's just fantastic. The quality is amazing..and the photos...heaven.

  3. Hannah, you will love it. 2 x shoots with Lindsey!

    Angela, I know! I like the large format and how thick it is too...