Tuesday, December 6, 2011

summer loving

"I opened my eyes: the sky was white, shimmering with heat. I made no reply, because I did not want to speak to him, nor to anyone. I was nailed to the sand by all the forces of summer."
Fracoise Sagan, Bonjour Tristesse

A round of of some favourites from Resort 12 and Spring Summer 12. 
Can't stop thinking about Yves Saint Laurent shoes, beach days, Phillip Lim everything, Givenchy sparkle eyes, Celine tri-pochette in blush pink (thanks Hannah for the tip!), road trips across America and dreamy photographs by Cass Bird.

Listening to the Drive soundtrack and having the time of my life. Happy December !

1. Backstage at Phillip Lim SS12 via capture the castle, type and Celine tri-pochette Illustration by me, 2. Bambi photographed by Cass Bird, Backstage at Phillip Lim SS12 via capture the castle, 3. Givenchy SS12 from google images search, photograph by Cass Bird, 5. Yves Saint Laurent shoe illustrated by me, photograph by Cass Bird, 6. Freja Photograph by Cass Bird,Yves Saint Laurent heels from google images search,  7. Phillip Lim clutch, handwriting and watercolour wash by me, photo backstage at Phillip Lim SS12 via capture the castle, Illustration and handwriting by me, Freja photograph by Cass Bird, Givnechy SS12 backstage from google images search. 


  1. This. is. love. Your illustrative/mixed media posts are always such an enjoyable part of my day.


  2. Cornerstate, thanks!

    Tash, thanks so much, I love your blog too.