Thursday, November 8, 2012

some dreamers

Dress Up's Autumn Winter 13 collection Some Dreamers is everything I look for in a Winter collection and more. Designer Stephanie Downey references one of my favourite authors, Joan Didion, citing the packing list from The White Album as the main aesthetic inspiration.
I too have been referencing the packing list as I get ready for my trip to New York, there is less than three weeks to go now and I only wish I could have some of these pieces to take with me.

I was delighted to see images of snow in NYC yesterday too. I'm hoping for a white Christmas!

Images from Dress Up


  1. This looks freaking fantastic. Wow.

  2. Stephanie makes god-dam-stunning looks eeeeeeeeeeevery season, I love her.

  3. brilliant.


  4. haven't heard of this label before, the images are stunning!

  5. These images are really beautiful. Love the girl, love the clothes, love the inspiration, love it all!

  6. Sweet pea,

    Enjoy New York! Must see you when you return so I can hear all about it.

    Miss you

    -Caitlin x

  7. I've always loved that packing list of Joan Didion's. So very perfect.