Wednesday, November 7, 2012

teen spirit

A few weeks ago I was invited to work with General Pants for their Summer campaign, Block Party. 
The campaign was photographed by Bec Parsons and styled by Emma Read with Joy Collective putting together the film featuring Flume's latest track, Holdin' On. Nicole and I were there taking behind-the-scenes photos along with Life Without Andy and Byron Spencer (who took my photo on the left).

I got to enjoy my first ever warehouse party with a bunch of friends and other creatives; there was a basketball hoop, skate ramp, pool and a whole lot of silly string. I'm not much of a party girl myself, I'd take a night in and a good film any day - but this was pretty fun! Plus Nicole and I got to graffiti a wall for the first time - she was a pro!

Thanks for having me GP.

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