Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the age of discretion

These past few weeks have been so busy, I can't believe March is almost over already. Last week I celebrated my birthday and I just enjoyed the final part of my present from Rohan. This afternoon we went and saw This Is Our Youth, a play starring Michael Cera and Kieran culkin at the Sydney Opera House. I haven't been to the theatre in years and this was such an incredible performance, thankyou Ro! I also got a very lovely set of lingerie from one of my favourite New York designers, Araks.

Another highlight was seeing Jane Birkin sing Serge Gainsbourg at the City Recital Hall last friday. She performed a few favourites and some songs I had never heard before, my friends and I were all mesmerised by how charming and just generally amazing she was in real life. She spoke in both French and English, wore a simple white shirt with black trousers and even made her her way through the hall so she could hi-five, blow kisses and sing to the audience. What struck me most was when she received a beautiful bouquet at the end of the performance and proceeded to immediately pull it apart so she could give flowers to the other members of her group. These incredibly talented Japanese musicians, all famous in their own right, have taken a year off to travel with Jane on this tour and I'm so happy that they did.

1. My new PetiteGrand necklace, 2. Dahlia's in my bedroom, 3. Acrylic swatches in my sketchbook, 4. Araks Olga bra and little note from Ro, 5. Film photos taken on the roof of Casa MilĂ , Barcelona, 6. Dahlia's in my bedroom, 7. Paris, Portrait of a City by Taschen, a gift from my parents, 8. Opening up my Araks set from Ro, 9. Acrylic swatches in my sketchbook, 10. A polaroid taken in St. Germain, Paris and my new PetiteGrand necklace.


  1. what a beautiful way to celebrate your birthday! Jane Birkin must've been a dream to see live. and lovely images, as always.

  2. your araks set is so beautiful - and totally luxurious. I can't wait for mine!! and of course I love that petitegrand necklace :)

    birthdays are so much fun dear!!!


  3. Happy Belated Birthday!! So happy you love the lingerie.. Love the photos!! - Araks

  4. These photos are gorgeous and I love the charming story of Jane, wish I could have seen her.