Saturday, March 31, 2012

bueller house

Interior mood no.5

A big glass house in the woods of Chicago. You will probably recognise it from the 80s film, Ferris Bueller's day off. I would really like a collection of vintage convertibles and a shearling rug...
Architects James Speyer and David Haid built the house in 1953.  The steel frame and large floor to celing windows lend the house panoramic views and a breathtaking feeling of being part of nature.

Photos from Coolhunting


  1. omg i want it can i live there now! pretty please!!!!

  2. I dream of having a house just like that, I really do. What are the odds though...still, so lovely.

  3. I misread your title and thought it said "baller house" and I was like yes, talisa, yes it is.

    hahahaa how amazing would it be to live somewhere with windows everywhere, so all you can see are trees and green? And in blinding, early morning sunlight, even more incredible...