Thursday, March 29, 2012



"In April 2010, for the jubilee 25th International Festival, Dries Van Noten was invited to preside as president of the jury for fashion. During his time at Hyères he had the opportunity to visit the exhibits of the photographer finalists competing in the festival. It was then that Dries encountered the work of James Reeve, and particularly his work Lightscapes, for the first time. The night has intrigued and inspired James for many years and in the past he has experimented with the traditional technique of shooting very long exposures, to embrace the unique characteristics given to landscapes by the moon and artificial city lights. Working on Lightscapes, he has been exploring the night in a new way, stripping away conventional visual references to focus not on the landscape itself but on the vivid scars of light that pierce the darkness."
-Dries Van Noten SS12 'Lightscapes' lookbook

I was very lucky to see this exhibition in Paris and I couldn't stop thinking about the first photograph for days after we left. If only I could have taken the light box version back home with me...

Thankyou Elise for the Dries Van Noten SS12 lookbooks, and speaking of lovely things Elise is just about to launch her new candle range, Maison Balzac. Can't wait!

All photographs by me


  1. I love this. And that colorful shirt is wonderful.

  2. Prints and textures are no new language of Dries van Noten yet you highlight this idea of lightscapes and I can't help but loving it! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photographs!


  3. So glad to hear that you had the chance to see this. I'm a big fan of James Reeve and Dries, so I was so happy to see the two collaborate. I've been cursing myself for not seeing this exhibition when it was in the states. The only thing making me feel better was that I got to meet Dries last week.

    Prints and textures aren't new for Dries Van Noten, but this collection was his first foray into creating prints from digital photos- so amazing. Love your photos.