Tuesday, June 11, 2013

don't ever leave

- Joan Didion, The Paris Review, 1978

Light streaming in through the windows, starting the day with a beautiful breakfast, fresh flowers, the smell of old paperback books, the excitement of turning the pages of a new magazine and of discovering a new label. 

These were a few of the highlights from last week - the new Rika magazine arrived, I welcomed a surprisingly warm first week of winter and the start of anemone season, more Joan Didion (always) and a beautiful package from New York-based designer Gillian Tennant.

Gillian's clothes are exactly what I have been looking for, well made and stunningly simple pieces designed using only natural fibers that work perfectly into my wardrobe. I was so happy that the sun stayed out all long weekend and I was able to give them a first outing. Over the next few months there will be lots of layering and dreaming of spring!

1 - 3. Gillian Tennant shell blouse and gathered skirt, Uniform Wares watch, Petite Grand necklace, See by Chloe wedges 

4 - 5. Gillian Tennant shift dress, Uniform Wares watch, See by Chloe wedges  

Thankyou Gillian! x


  1. I am loving this prolonged spring in Brisbane as well. I don't think it will last too much longer though unfortunately. I love the light in these photos, so pretty!
    Please check out my new blog if you have the chance


    Sheena x

  2. Those pieces are gorgeous!

    xx Nicole

  3. Thank you Sheena, Nicole and Rachel.


  4. Hi Talisa! How is the neckline on the shift dress? I am thinking of buying it! x

  5. Hi Amy, I would probably call it boatneck...it sits quite high and wide across the shoulders. It is such a lovely dress!! x

  6. thanks so much!! boatneck usually scares me but i think i'll give it a go. x